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Shelton Benjamin Mentions Chad Gable In Recent Interview With

With his return to WWE, Shelton Benjamin recently had an interview with, where he talked about several subjects including his journey back to the WWE, his thoughts on Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar, what he wants to achieve now that he is back, as well as his thoughts on Chad Gable. Here’s what he had to say:

WWE.COM: Thankfully, it worked out. You’ve already touched on what it’s like to be back in WWE. What are your thoughts on your new tag team partner, Chad Gable, and do you see any comparisons to your former tag team partner, Charlie Haas?

BENJAMIN: Without a doubt. Chad is a great athlete, just like Charlie. Before I even get into that, though, Charlie Haas is, to this day, still my best friend. He’s my brother. We talk all the time. WWE created family when they put us together. We worked hard together and he helped push me. When you insert Chad Gable, obviously, there is going to be the comparisons to Charlie. I don’t like to make that comparison because they’re two different people. This isn’t The World’s Greatest Tag Team, this isn’t American Alpha — we are something completely different. But, obviously, there are similarities. They’re both tremendous athletes. They both have great drive, and even in the past couple of weeks I’ve seen Gable show signs of the intensity that Charlie had.

WWE.COM: Who else would you like to face now that you’re back, whether it be in the tag team or singles ranks?

BENJAMIN: Obviously, when we’re talking tag teams, I’m putting The Usos on notice. As long as we have no titles around our waists, they’re a target. Also, The New Day. Kofi Kingston and I have had some great matches in the past. I have never wrestled Big E or Xavier Woods, but I believe Gable and I have what it takes to take them out. For a single competitor, to be honest, I would love to lock it up with Shinsuke again. I enjoyed wrestling him so much in Japan. We had such great matches. I would love to revisit that. I’ve never had a chance to wrestle AJ Styles. Styles is one of the most phenomenal people in sports-entertainment, ever. Hands down. Period. I would love to wrestle him. And, believe it or not, even though we had tons of matches when we first started, I would love to wrestle Randy Orton again.

WWE.COM: Strong words. Any final thoughts for the WWE Universe? A message you want to convey now that you are finally back with WWE after such a long journey?

BENJAMIN: I’m here to win, and I will be stressing that to Gable. Don’t wait for years thinking you have all the time in the world. If we’re here to win championships, we want to do it now. I don’t want to wait six months, I don’t want to wait three months, I want to go get it now.

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