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Survivor Series 2016 Results and Photos

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Team Raw def. Team SmackDown LIVE in a 10-on-10 Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Elimination Match

TORONTO – The ever-quarreling combination of Sheamus & Cesaro brought home a huge victory for Team Raw at Survivor Series, outlasting five of SmackDown LIVE’s elite tandems and emerging as the Sole Survivors in a jaw-dropping 10-on-10 Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Elimination Match.

It was the one night of the year when Raw and SmackDown LIVE were pitted against one another for brand supremacy. From the word “go,” each tag team stood ready to fight tooth-and-nail until all of their opponents were pinned, disqualified, counted out or forced to submit. Only then would one brand be declared the winner.

Prior to the contest, both Enzo Amore & Big Cass and Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day vocalized their intentions to emerge victorious, though every tandem wore the mark of determination on their faces while making their way to the ring. Unfortunately, it appeared that Breezango took the start of the match too lightly, enabling Kofi Kingston to take advantage and quickly eliminate the fashion police with the Midnight Hour. Almost as lightning-fast, The Usos returned the favor, delivering a quick superkick on Kofi to score the follow-up pinfall and eliminate Raw’s team captains!

As the fast-paced showdown continued, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson laid waste to Zack Ryder to send Team SmackDown LIVE’s Hype Bros to the showers. American Alpha next rose to the occasion and eliminated Raw’s Shining Stars.

With both sides down to three teams, a brawl broke out, and the action quickly escalated both inside and outside the ring. Yet amid a rapid series of high-flying maneuvers from both brands, Raw’s Gallows & Anderson hit the Magic Killer on Jason Jordan to eliminate American Alpha. Then, when a subsequent mistake caused Gallows to get into a dispute with his own team, Team Blue’s Rhyno delivered a surprise Gore for the three-count. That celebration was also short-lived, as Raw’s Enzo & Big Cass took advantage of the commotion long enough to eliminate the SmackDown Tag Team Champions – only to be upended moments later by a superkick and Samoan Splash from The Usos.

The match came down to a knock-down, drag-out struggle between SmackDown LIVE’s Usos and Raw’s Sheamus & Cesaro. Though both tandems scored near-pinfalls on several occasions, the final moments of the contest saw Cesaro reverse Jey Uso’s Tequila Sunrise to lock in the Sharpshooter. Jimmy tried to break it up with a superkick, only to be intercepted by a brutal Brogue Kick from The Celtic Warrior, Trapped in the middle of the ring, Jey had no choice but to tap out, leaving Cesaro, Sheamus and Team Red victorious.

Though they continued to bicker throughout their team’s shining moment, there can be no arguement that Sheamus & Cesaro standing as the Sole Survivors was a huge coup for Raw in its struggle to prove itself as the superior brand.

Survivor Series 2016 Preview: Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown LIVE In A 10-on-10 Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Elimination Match

The world will find out which tag team division is superior when Team Raw and Team SmackDown LIVE square off in a 10-on-10 Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Elimination Match.

Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day will lead Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson, Sheamus & Cesaro, Enzo Amore & Big Cass and The Shining Stars into battle against SmackDown Tag Team Champions Heath Slater & Rhyno, The Usos, American Alpha, The Hype Bros and Breezango.

Even though neither brand can claim to have a truly harmonious faction, both armies are full of firepower, and the potential for once-in-a-lifetime matchups is high.

The Traditional Elimination Match can only end when all of the tag teams belonging to a brand are eliminated. Elimination can occur by pinfall, submission, disqualification or count-out, and tag teams must leave the ringside area after one of their members has been eliminated.

What will happen when teams like Gallows & Anderson or Sheamus & Cesaro cross paths with the likes of Chad Gable & Jason Jordan or The Usos? Will The New Day and Slater & Rhyno meet up inside the ring?

Don’t miss the one night of the year when Raw battles SmackDown LIVE. The 30th annual Survivor Series airs live Sunday, Nov. 20, on the award-winning WWE Network, at a special start time of 7 ET/4 PT.

Smackdown Results and Photos – November 15th 2016

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American Alpha, The Hype Bros, The Usos & Breezango def. The Spirit Squad, The Vaudevillains, The Ascension & The Headbangers – 16-Man Tag Team Match

Four-fifths of SmackDown LIVE’s Survivor Series Tag Team contingent took on four teams hungry to prove that they should have been on the lineup sheet for Survivor Series as American Alpha, The Hype Bros, The Usos and Breezango (with SmackDown Tag Team Champions Heath Slater & Rhyno in their corner) took on The Spirit Squad, The Vaudevillains, The Ascension and The Headbangers in a 16-Man Tag Team Match.

The action, as to be expected, was rapid and reckless, with it, at times, breaking down into a complete sea of humanity. After a ton of excitement it was American Alpha who was able to break through by defeating Thrasher with Grand Amplitude for the win.

Riyadh and European Tour Photos

American Alpha have recently finished up their very first overseas tour since being called up to the main roster, starting off in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia then moving on to England, Scotland, Wales and Spain. They even met up with the US Troops, with The Miz, while in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and took a tour of FC Barcelona’s stadium, Camp Nou, while in Barcelona. To view all of the photos taken from the tour, as well as the two appearances, you can click the links below.

Video: – WWE Wrestlers Visit FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou Stadium

Three pro wrestlers from World Wrestling Entertainment were at the Barça Museum on Friday. Jason Jordan, Chad Gable and Carmella enjoyed a great day out, and posed for pictures on the famous field and in other iconic parts of the Camp Nou Experience, including the Leo Messi space.

The trio, who are in town to appear in WWE Live at the Palau Sant Jordi, thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Europe’s biggest stadium, where they were able to lift the Champions League trophy and describe to listeners their admiration for Messi, who they all say is their favourite player.

Former Barça striker Julio Salinas was on hand to show the club’s guests around the facilities, commenting that “they’d make good footballers. They’re so strong. I think they’d do a fine job at centre back.”