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WWE Main Event Results and Photos – October 18th 2016

Screen Captures > October 18th 2016

American Alpha def. The Ascension

Gable and Viktor start the match. Gable takes Viktor to the mat and locks in a headlock. Viktor gets out of it and is eventually is able to lock in a wrist lock on Gable. Gable takes Viktor down to the mat and locks in and armlock on him. Jordan tags in. Jordan hits a modified slam on Viktor. Jordan locks in a headlock on Viktor. Gable tags back in prior to hitting a diving clothesline off the turnbuckle on Viktor. Gable suplexes Viktor before pinning him for a two count. Konnor gets in the ring, as does Jordan. Jordan and Gable connect with a double dropkick on Konnor, before double clotheslining him out of the ring. Gable briefly has an arm submission locked in on Viktor. Konnor slams Gable to the mat from the apron. Viktor pins Gable for a two count. Konnor is tagged in as we head into a commercial break.

Viktor, strikes Gable in the corner as we return from the commercial break. Viktor hits an uppercut on Gable. Konnor and Viktor both stomp Gable on the mat as Konnor is tagged back in. Konnor pulls the ring apron over Gable, before kicking him. Konnor pins Gable for a two count. Konnor locks in a headlock on Gable. Konnor punches Gable in the face prior to tagging Viktor back in. Konnor and Viktor slam Gable to the mat. Viktor pins Gable for a two count. Viktor stomps Gable several times and pins him for another two count. Konnor is tagged back in. Konnor runs at Gable, Gable connects with a boot to the face though. Konnor runs at Gable again, but Gable manages to send him out of the ring. Viktor rolls Konnor back into the ring before tagging himself back in as Gable tags Jordan back in. Jordan clotheslines Viktor. Jordan strikes Konnor, sending him off the apron. Jordan dropkicks Viktor. Jordan hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Viktor. Konnor breaks up a pitfall attempt by Jordan. Gable gets in the ring and is immediately sent out by Konnor. Konnor and Viktor hit the Fall of Man on Jordan. Gable breaks a pinfall attempt by Viktor. Gable takes himself and Konnor out of the ring. Viktor punches Jordan several times. Jordan hits another overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Viktor. Jordan tags in. Jordan and Gable hit Grand Amplitude on Viktor. Gable pins Viktor for the win.

Smackdown Results and Photos – October 11th 2016

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Jimmy Uso def. Chad Gable

With Chad Gable’s knee injury seemingly on the mend, it would have been natural for the assumption to become that American Alpha and The Usos’ rivalry could now be fought on an even playing field. Well … wrong.

In the height of Gable’s one-on-one match against Jimmy Uso, the Samoan warriors pulled a fast one with Jey sneaking behind the referee’s back and adding weight on his twin with his sneakers while Jimmy rolled up Gable for the victory.

No Mercy 2016 Kickoff Results and Photos

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The Hype Bros & American Alpha def. The Ascension & The Vaudevillains

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Hype Bros & American Alpha delivered a high-impact offensive attack en route to defeating The Ascension & The Vaudevillians in a huge 8-Man Tag Team Match on No Mercy Kickoff.

This big matchup wasn’t announced until hours before the No Mercy Kickoff, but that didn’t stop the Superstars in the contest from delivering in an action-packed showdown. This isn’t the first time the teams of American Alpha & Hype Bros have battled on the same side in a large tag team clash, and it showed.

Mojo Rawley & Zack Ryder’s amped up style meshed well with Chad Gable & Jason Jordan’s athletic prowess, allowing the foursome to put the heat on their foes from the opening bell. Simply put, Konnor, Viktor, Simon Gotch & Aiden English could not keep up with the high-octane energy coming from their opponents.

After a red-hot start, The Hype Bros & American Alpha were grounded thanks to a well-executed game plan from The Ascension & Vaudevillains. However, once the action began to break down and competitors started hitting the ring left and right, Jordan & Gable took advantage of the mayhem by hitting Grand Amplitude on English to pick up the pinfall.

With The Hype Bros & American Alpha picking up the “w,” they now have momentum on their side and a much needed victory to elevate their respective standings in SmackDown LIVE’s competitive Tag Team division. Now the question is whether or not either duo can capitalize on their No Mercy Kickoff performance.

No Mercy 2016 Kickoff Preview: The Hype Bros & American Alpha vs. The Ascension & The Vaudevillians

WWE No Mercy Kickoff just got a whole lot bigger. has learned The Hype Bros & American Alpha will join forces to battle The Ascension & The Vaudevillains in an 8-Man Tag Team Match, tonight on the award-winning WWE Network and across WWE digital platforms.

While American Alpha are hungry to get back into the SmackDown Tag Team Championship hunt, there is little doubt that the other three tandems are just as hungry. Considering their ambitions, will Chad Gable & Jason Jordan be able to co-exist with Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley? They had better, if they hope to overcome the dangerous combined forces of Konnor & Viktor and Aiden English & Simon Gotch.

Watch the No Mercy Kickoff tonight at 7 ET/4 PT, live on the award-winning WWE Network. In addition to WWE Network, the Kickoff streams live on, the WWE App, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+.

Jason Jordan Mentions Chad Gable In Recent Interview with

Chad Gable’s tag team partner, Jason Jordan was recently interviewed by, where he spoke about several topics including the inspiration of Kurt Angle, American Alpha being compared to the World’s Greatest Tag Team, becoming a tag team with Chad Gable, how long he expects American Alpha to be together as well as winning the tag team titles. Here’s a few points taken from the interview:

American Alpha is one of WWE’s hottest tag team acts, having enjoyed a meteoric rise from Performance Center obscurity to capturing the NXT Tag Team Championships at Takeover: Dallas over Wrestlemania 32 weekend in April. Given the crowd reactions they received and the quality of matches they put on in WWE’s developmental promotion, it was only a matter of time before they earned a call-up up to the main roster. And sure enough, they were duly drafted to Smackdown Live in July.

Their amateur backgrounds — Gable wrestled for the United States at the London 2012 Games, while Jordan attended Indiana University where he became a three-time national qualifier for NCAA at the Division I level — have seen them draw not just favourable comparison to Angle, but also likened to his former proteges, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. That pair burst onto the WWE scene in 2002 as part of ‘Team Angle’ and would later call themselves the World’s Greatest Tag Team, with a gimmick centered around their amateur proficiency.

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Article: – Chad Gable On The ‘Insane’ British WWE Crowd

The 30-year-old American performer took part in a conference call ahead of the wrestling company’s European tour and he spoke passionately about the ‘insane’ crowd he experienced over the pond during his time in NXT.

One-half of WWE’s hottest tag team, American Alpha, is relishing the chance to return to the British Isles and one again perform before the ‘insane’ United Kingdom crowd.

Chad Gable and his tag-team partner Jason Jordan are two of the most in-demand performers on the SmackDown Live roster and VAVEL took part in a conference call ahead of their European team in November.

The 30-year-old experienced his first taste of an English crowd when he was a part of NXT’s first tour in the continent last year and he is itching for the chance to return but this time as part of the main roster.

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Article: – Chad Gable On Being A Part Of The SmackDown Live Roster

The American professional wrestler and his partner have been two of the standout attractions on the blue brand and they aim to keep up the high standards already set.

The WWE brand extension was met with some raised eyebrows upon its first announcement and those early reservations seemed to have been within good reason once the final drafts and rosters were confirmed.

By comparison, SmackDown Live appeared far inferior to Monday Night Raw but since August, the blue brand has shattered and defied expectation leaving their competition in their wake.

One of the main reasons for this success is American Alpha as Chad Gable and Jason Jordan have electrified what originally looked like being a weakened tag-team division.

The duo has been phenomenal early on and has no plans to ease up on their bright start as Gable talked openly about his early days on the main roster and the desire to be better than Raw: each and every week.

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Smackdown Results and Photos – October 4th 2016

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Jason Jordan def. Jey Uso

The ongoing rivalry between The Usos and American Alpha continued on SmackDown LIVE with a singles contest pitting Jason Jordan against Jey Uso with Chad Gable and Jimmy Uso in their respective corners.

Jordan picked up the victory after a hard-fought contest with a surprise roll up. However, the celebration was cut short when The Usos blindsided Jordan and Gable (who is still sporting a hurt knee, mind you) and, after nullifying Gable, attempted to injure Jordan’s knee in the same way they did to his partner.

Yet, this time, they would not get the chance when reinforcements in the way of SmackDown Tag Team Champions Heath Slater and Rhyno made their way out to even the score, forcing The Usos to retreat just days before their championship encounter at No Mercy.