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Video: American Alpha ESPN SportsCenter Gable Suffers Knee Injury, American Alpha Out Of Title Match At Backlash

Following a blindside attack from The Usos after their SmackDown Tag Team Championship Tournament Match earlier in the night, SmackDown LIVE Commissioner Shane McMahon revealed on WWE Network’s Talking Smack that American Alpha member Chad Gable’s MCL was injured and he would be out of actions for two to four weeks.

Because of Gable’s injury, he will not be able to compete at Backlash, thus eliminating American Alpha from title contention. In their place will be the winners of a match between The Usos and fellow semifinalists The Hype Bros which will also take place at Backlash.

Keep tabs on for further updates on Gable’s condition.

Smackdown Results and Photos – September 6th 2016

Live Event Digitals > September 6th, 2016
Screen Captures > September 6th, 2016

American Alpha def. The Usos in the SmackDown Tag Team Championship Tournament

There is a longstanding logic in the NBA that a young team, no matter how talented, simply cannot win a championship before facing some real adversity. Keep that in mind.

American Alpha and The Usos went at it in this semifinals match of the SmackDown Tag Team Championship Tournament. Jimmy and Jey Uso were clearly looking to prove why they were the standard-bearers of the tag team division for years now, while Jason Jordan and Chad Gable were aiming to show why they were straight up ready to snatch that flag and run with it like they were the Team USA Basketball team on a fast break.

After a sudden attack by The Usos right as the bell rang, Jordan and Gable ultimately prevailed by hitting Grand Amplitude within the first minute or so of the match for the victory.

Much like the late ’80s Chicago Bulls and the mid-90s Orlando Magic, however, possible adversity struck. The Usos, typically the face-painted symbols of valor in the division, uncharacteristically (and savagely) ambushed American Alpha after the match when extending their hands for a handshake, specifically targeting Gable’s knee. The Usos held Gable in a submission hold and then connected with a Samoan Splash on his prone leg.

The attack left the former-Olympian in clear distress.

WWE Main Event Results and Photos – August 30th 2016

Screen Captures > August 30th, 2016

American Alpha def. Breezango

Chad Gable and Fandango start it off. Tom Phillips tells us each team’s motivation: American Alpha are all about winning, and Breezango are all about looking good. So there you have it.

The action is fast from the get-go, with whips, drop toe-holds, and mat wrestling. Both guys look good, but Gable is clearly on the offensive. Fandango is getting desperate. He grabs Gable’s hair. Jason Jordan makes a hidden tag and surprises Fandango with a dropkick.

Jordan covers for two. Fandango powers Jordan into his corner and Breeze tags in. Breeze lands a strike, but he is quickly overwhelmed by American Alpha’s quickness and skill. Jordan drags Breeze to his corner and Gable tags in. They hit a double dropkick on Breeze and one on Fandango.

Gable covers for two. He sets Breeze up for a suplex, but Fandango blocks it and they throw Gable right out of the ring.

Back from commercial, Fandango is beating up Gable from corner-to-corner. Breeze tags in and they hit a double elbow drop. Breeze covers for two and rams Gable into his corner, then kicks him in the gut repeatedly. Fandango tags in and continues the beatdown. Gable tries to escape but he’s blocked.

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Smackdown Results and Photos – August 23rd 2016

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Screen Captures > August 23rd, 2016

American Alpha def. Breezango in a SmackDown Tag Team Championship Tournament Match

Alpha is defined as being first in something. So, it seems almost fitting that as we now inch closer to the first SmackDown Tag Team Champions being crowned, American Alpha is on a hot streak unlike any other team in the division.

Jason Jordan & Chad Gable continued to fuel that flame while looking ever impressive against Breezango, finishing them off with Grand Amplitude.