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NXT Results and Photos – April 20th 2016

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NXT Tag Team Champions American Alpha def. Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady (Non-Title Match)

Two of NXT’s most popular teams clashed in a friendly battle to kick off the show. Last week, Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady asked the NXT Tag Team Champions for this non-title showdown, wanting to see what American Alpha is all about. Amore found out firsthand after the bell, as Gable took him down to the mat with ease. Gable and Jordan quickly grabbed a hold of Enzo’s arm, tagging in and out to work over their brash opponent.

The scrappy Amore finally slipped away from the champions and tagged Big Cass into the bout. Cassady locked up with Jordan and used his size and strength advantage to take control of the match. The teams seemed to reach a stalemate after Gable and Amore knocked heads in the corner, but Enzo stumbled back into his corner and brought Big Cass back in. The experienced duo looked to have the champions on the ropes, but the wily Gable evaded a splash from the 7-footer and tagged in a fired-up Jordan. Big Cass took a bullet for Enzo, diving in the path of a spear from Jordan, but that left the New Jersey native alone in the ring with the champions. American Alpha connected with Grand Amplitude to earn a big victory over Raw and SmackDown’s newest Superstars.

NXT Results and Photos – April 13th 2016

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Earlier inside the empty Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Jason Jordan and Chad Gable reminisce on their win at NXT TakeOver: Dallas, where they became the NXT Tag Team Champions for the very first time. The team of Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady drop by to congratulate American Alpha on their title win, saying that it’s great to see the titles around someone else’s waists. Enzo and Big Cass then acknowledge the fact that even though they have been in NXT for the longest time, they have never had the opportunity to have a tag team match with American Alpha. Gable and Jordan, accept the challenge and the match is made official later in the night. Next week, it’ll be American Alpha vs. Enzo and Cass in a non-title match!

NXT TakeOver: Dallas Results and Photos – April 1st 2016

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American Alpha def. NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival

DALLAS — What began months ago as a reluctant alliance blossomed into the newest NXT Tag Team Champions at TakeOver: Dallas. American Alpha, Jason Jordan & Chad Gable, reached a new pinnacle during the biggest weekend in WWE history, defeating The Revival to capture NXT’s tandem titles in the thrilling opener of NXT TakeOver: Dallas.

True to fashion, defending champions Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson entered the contest with the composure one would expect from the pair of grizzled throwbacks … that is, until Gable outwrestled Dawson in the early goings, frustrating the champions and bringing all four competitors into the ring. Jordan & Gable employed several double-team attacks, including double backdrops, dropkicks and German suplexes, which brought the capacity crowd in the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center to its feet.

The Revival eventually took over, using quick tags to prevent the Olympian from tagging in Jordan. Once Gable broke free, however, Jordan unleashed on the champions, throwing Wilder high in the air and launching Dawson with a capture suplex. Despite The Revival’s attempts to cheat their way to victory, the scary strong Jordan would not be pinned. He persevered long enough to tag in Gable, who traded near falls with Dawson before bringing Jordan back into action. Jordan continued brawling with Dawson and, after a clever tag behind Dawson’s back, American Alpha raised the unsuspecting Dawson for Grand Amplitude to win the match and the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Meet American Alpha At WrestleMania Axxess

As mentioned by the man himself, Chad Gable and Jason Jordan will be attending WrestleMania Axxess this weekend! So if you’re in Dallas, be sure not to miss your chance to meet American Alpha on Saturday from 8-10pm.

NXT Results and Photos – March 30th 2016

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American Alpha def. Corey Hollis & John Skyler

The red-hot duo of Jason Jordan & Chad Gable are laser-focused on capturing the NXT Tag Team Championship this Friday in Dallas. Nothing could knock American Alpha off the championship trail, though the hungry pairing of Corey Hollis & John Skyler tried. Jordan & Gable picked their opponents apart in impressive fashion before pinning Hollis with Grand Amplitude for the victory. Though it certainly won’t be an easy task, can American Alpha do the same to The Revival in Dallas?

Kurt Angle Talks American Alpha In Recent Interview With The World According To Wrestling

In a recent interview with The World According To Wrestling, former WWE Superstar and Olympic Gold medalist Kurt Angle discussed a range of topics, including his thoughts on American Alpha and a potential return to the WWE. Here’s what he had to say about the Number One Contenders to the NXT Tag Team Championships:

Angle again said he will “eventually” be in the WWE Hall of Fame, but suggested a wrestling comeback before then alongside two of NXT’s hottest talents – Jason Jordan and Chad Gable.

“I’m 47 years-old. And that’s why those guys would be perfect as my team, like a Team Angle, because they could do the wrestling for me until the big one comes. So it would be kind of cool to have that. I’m not going to say those guys are going to be my guys, but they’re almost ready to come up – if not they are ready.”

As American Alpha, Jordan and Gable have ripped through the NXT tag division and have earned a title match against The Revival at NXT Dallas this Friday.

Angle said: “I’ve watched them wrestle and they’re really good. It would be really cool to have a new Team Angle.

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