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Chad Gable and Jason Bryant to go ‘On the Mat’ this week

This week’s edition of “On the Mat” is Wednesday, Feb. 24 with Chad Gable (real name Chas Betts), a 2012 Greco-Roman Olympian who is currently wrestling for NXT, and Jason Bryant of Mat Talk Online.


NXT Results and Photos – February 24th 2016

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American Alpha def. Blake & Murphy
After falling to the red-hot American Alpha last month, former NXT Tag Team Champions Blake & Murphy were out to prove that their loss was a fluke. Chad Gable toyed with Murphy in the opening moments of the match, taking him down to the canvas easily before handing him off to Jason Jordan. The former champions tried to out-grapple Gable, but the former Olympian was always one step ahead of them and forcing Blake & Murphy to retreat.

Nothing Blake & Murphy did fazed American Alpha, as nearly everything they attempted to do ended up with the mat masters wrenching away at their limbs. The former champions finally took control of the match after a double-team maneuver in which Murphy nearly took off Gable’s head off a clothesline. Blake & Murphy tried to wear Gable down, but the crafty Olympian was able to slip out of their grasp and tag in his partner. Jordan tossed Blake & Murphy around the ring with ease before spearing Blake and connecting with Grand Amplitude to earn the victory. American Alpha is on a roll as of late in NXT. Could the NXT Tag Team Championship be in their future?

Mike Quackenbush Praises Chad Gable In Interview With

In a recent interview with, indie veteran and CHIKARA owner, Mike Quackenbush who recently served as a guest trainer at the WWE Performance Center, talked about his time at the Performance Center and a range on other topics. Here’s what he had to say about working iwth Chad Gable:

WWE.COM: Who are some of the NXT competitors you worked with?

MIKE QUACKENBUSH: One of the best things I got to do was spend some one-on-one time with specific talent that wanted to develop certain areas of their game. There was nothing I enjoyed more than having an hour in the ring with Chad Gable, who is simply one of the most outstanding performers I’ve ever been able to share a ring with. To trade holds and moves, to teach him and learn from him was such a pleasure.


NXT Results and Photos – February 17th 2016

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Screen Captures > February 17th, 2016

American Alpha, Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady def. Blake & Murphy and Dash & Dawson
NXT kicked off in major fashion, as four of NXT’s best teams collided in a huge Eight-Man Tag Team Match. Scott Dawson tried to match mat wrestling ability with former Olympian Chad Gable, but found himself scrambling for the ropes. The NXT Tag Team Champions and Blake & Murphy then attemped to beat Gable down 4-on 1, but ended up engaging all four of their opponents in a brawl inside the ring.

Dash & Dawson distracted Gable to regain control of the bout for their team. The four ruthless competitors wore Gable down, making quick tags to keep a fresh man in the ring and keep the Olympian from reaching his partners. A nasty collision between Dash Wilder and Gable led to the American Alpha member finally getting to his corner and tagging in Jason Jordan. Jordan and Colin Cassady, the powerhouses of their respective teams, bulldozed over their opponents in a fury.

American Alpha nearly had the bout won after hitting Grand Amplitude on Dawson, only for their pin attempt to be broken up by Wilder. Fortunately, Enzo & Big Cass were ready to follow up with the Rocket Launcher to pick up the victory.

Video: American Alpha Promo

Video: Chad Gable – NXT Presentation Skills – 19th November, 2013

Huge thanks to Whitney for passing this on! Captures taken from the video have also been added to the gallery, which you can check out by clicking below.

NXT Results and Photos – January 27th 2016

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After challenging them to match last week, American Alpha went up against former NXT Tag Team Champions, Blake and Murphy in the opening match. In their first match of 2016, they may have a new name but American Alpha picked up straight where they left off in 2015, with a win against yet another group of former Tag Team Champions. By using the addition of Alexa Bliss, at ringside, to their advantage and a few underhanded tactics by Buddy Murphy, the former champions were able to gain the upper hand on Chad Gable, but it didn’t last very long as Gable was able to shift momentum back, after tagging in Jason Jordan, who took out Blake and Murphy single-handedly and set up for the Grand Amplitude.

American Alpha def. Blake & Murphy
Two of Next top teams looked to start off 2016 on the right foot, as former NXT Tag Team Champions Blake & Murphy took on the red-hot team of Jason Jordan & Chad Gable, now known as American Alpha. The former champions tried to corner Jordan at the start of the match, but the agile mat wizard quickly turned the tables and took Murphy down to the canvas.

Blake & Murphy didn’t fare much better against Gable, who stunned the pair with a dizzying series of impressive arm drags. With their initial game plan failing, the former champions resorted to nefarious tactics to gain the upper hand. Murphy feigned an injury to occupy the official, while Blake distracted Gable, allowing Murphy to spring into action and take out Gable’s knee. Blake & Murphy zeroed in on the Olympian’s leg, even letting their manager, Alexa Bliss, get in on the attack.

Their time on offense didn’t last long, as Gable found his second wind and scrambled out of his foes’ grasp to tag his partner in. Jordan steamrolled through Blake & Murphy, hurling them around the ring with ease before tagging Gable back in to connect with Grand Amplitude for the win! American Alpha have now defeated three former NXT Tag Team Champions – The Ascension, The Vaudevillains, and Blake & Murphy. Will 2016 be the year they pick the titles up themselves?