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Smackdown Results and Photos – March 28th 2017

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Mojo Rawley, Heath Slater, Rhyno & American Alpha def. Dolph Ziggler, Breezango & The Usos

With the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal now within arm’s length, every SmackDown Superstar entry wanted to gain some early momentum.

Action was at a premium in this 10-Man Tag Team Match, but Mojo Rawley ultimately scored the victory, defeating Tyler Breeze for the giant-sized win.

Audio: NewsRadio 1140 WRVA Interview

WWE SmackDown’s American Alpha Joins Jeff to talk about tonight’s Smackdown event at the Richmond Coliseum and Wrestlemania this Sunday!

Smackdown Results and Photos – March 21st 2017

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The Usos def. American Alpha to capture the SmackDown Tag Team Championship

It’s not paranoia … it’s new champions!

After weeks of trash talk, psych-out attempts and picking up a clutch non-title victory over the reigning title-holders last week, The Usos were granted an opportunity to challenge SmackDown Tag Team Champions American Alpha on SmackDown LIVE.

With it all the line, the two teams fought tenaciously, but Jimmy & Jey bested Jason Jordan & Chad Gable, clinching the titles after Jey connected with a superkick on Jordan after a chaotic sequence of events.

The Usos were back on their day one-ish with the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

Article: Slam! Sports – American Alpha Making The Most Of WWE Opportunity

Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, collectively known in World Wrestling Entertainment as American Alpha, have lived something of a charmed life since forming a fabulous duo less than two years ago in WWE’s development promotion, NXT.

Since aligning, the real-life former amateur wrestlers have run roughshod over much of the competition, become the first team in history to win both the NXT tag titles and the tag titles as members of WWE’s main roster, in their cases the Smackdown tag titles, in the same year.

Of course, winning is nothing new to either member of the alliance. Gable, whose real name is Charles Betts, after all, is a former high school wrestling champion who competed for the United States at the 2012 Olympics, while Jordan, whose real name is Nathan Everhart, became a three-time national qualifier for NCAA at the Division I level and was ranked as high No. 2 in the nation after compiling a 35-0 record in his senior year.

“It’s definitely made the physical transition a lot easier,” the 28-year-old Illinois native Jordan said when asked about the similarities between pro and amateur wrestling during a conference call with international media ahead of WrestleMania 33. “We both have a good understanding of our body awareness and I guess our background has helped us thrive a little bit because the way we wrestle in the ring, it’s just a lot of suplexes, a lot of throws, so amateur wrestling has physically prepared us immensely.”

But long before they were winning titles in either amateur or pro wrestling, both experienced career foreshadowing as fans of WWE.

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Smackdown Results and Photos – March 14th 2017

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The Usos def. American Alpha

After weeks of mind games, callouts and general paranoia, The Usos and American Alpha finally clashed on SmackDown LIVE in a non-title match. Jimmy & Jey were men possessed and Jason Jordan & Chad Gable put up a valiant effort in a competitive contest, but The Usos scored the win after Jey rolled up Jordan following Jimmy’s superkick, leaving the WWE Universe to wonder what would be next between these rival units.

Article: The Sun – WWE WrestleMania: American Alpha Believe Event Is As Big As Olympics And Reveal Their Ambition To Work With Hall-Of-Famer, Kurt Angle

Jason Jordan and Chad Gable the current boom in tag team wrestling, and competing at their very first WrestleMania in Orlando next month

For American Alpha – Jason Jordan and Chad Gable – it’s been an incredible 12 months.

At WrestleMania weekend last year, they performed at NXT TakeOver: Dallas, where they defeated The Revival for the NXT Tag Team Championship in a thrilling match-up.

They debuted on the main roster in August and within four months became SmackDown Tag Team Champions, pinning 12-time world champ Randy Orton for the titles.

Since then, the duo has been an integral part of WWE’s renewed tag team division – the strongest it’s been in years.

And with their backgrounds in amateur wrestling – Gable even competed in the London 2012 Olympics – they’ve got an impressive arsenal of throws, suplexes, and mat skills.

Their athletic style recalls former WWE champ and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle, who they could end crossing paths with when he eventually returns to WWE television.

They talked to Sun Sport about Angle, the current boom in tag team wrestling, and competing at their very first WrestleMania in Orlando next month.

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SmackDown’s Team Angle vs. SmackDown LIVE’s American Alpha

“Intelligence, Intensity & Integrity” vs. “Ready, Willing & Gable” just kind of sings, doesn’t it? SmackDown’s Team Angle, led by Kurt Angle and featuring Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas were renowned by the WWE Universe for their incredible in-ring skills. SmackDown LIVE’s American Alpha are known for the same exact thing today. A clash between the two tandems would be WrestleMania-worthy … it’s damn true!